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1997:Trials and Tribulations

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          The show concept chosen was the music of composer Michael Camillo.  The music included En Fuego (On Fire), Romanza, Hands and Feet, Rio Bravo, and Caribe (from One More Once).
          Everything began very well for the corps.  The percussion section grew to it's largest size ever at 26 members, larger than the entire corps from 1991.  The brass line improved greatly over past years and looked to contend for high brass honors with its 21 members strong.  The color guard, at an even dozen, looked to improve upon their past successes. 
         Things went smoothly through the winter and spring, until the pretour camp.  Bad luck struck the corps hard.  Lone Star lost 1/3 of the hornline, 1/2 of the guard, and 1/4 of the drumline due to various problems.  Suddenly, the instrumentation changed, drill had to be modified, and music rearranged.
         Even tour presented it's own unique set of problems.  Adrian Tovar related the following:
        "I believe our bus driver of our charter bus got fed up with not getting paid or something like that. So, we got to Greenville, Michigan and we were only suppose to stay at the school there for a couple days and the bus driver left us there. We ended up staying there for a whole week because there were trying to find us transportation. We missed our show at Rocky Mount, North Carolina, which was an important show. It was the show before finals. It was also elderly community that the school was surrounded by so we had to stop playing at a certain time. So, we had a lot of dead time there."
         Usually, situations like this have killed off drum corps.  But the staff and members perservered once again through the obstacles.  Tour improved things greatly as the corps rallied around itself.  The corps ended up scoring its highest score at that time (85.8) and placed 10th, 1/10th behind rival Delta Brigade.

Lone Star Multi-tenor Roger Glenn before a performance


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