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1992:Unexpected Inactivity

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                With the results of the previous summer, hopes were high for both a strong and surprising second season.  The previous staff was retained, with more staff added.  There was already a large waiting list of potential members. 
                Plans were to march a corps of at least 60 members and perform music from Disney’s The Jungle Book with a show that would be a literal retelling of the story, using costumes and props.  Try-out camps were schedules and plans were made.
                One of the most important things that came from this meeting was the development of the Lone Star's philosophy. Because of Robert Poulin's background with the Madison Scouts, Lone Star's philopshy reflected much of the same as Madison's. 
                 The goal of corps participation was to give corpsmen a positive, educational, and fun experience, and to entertain audiences. Leadership wanted to challenge the corps members to be the best they could be, as performers and as people, and not to worry so much about scores. Efforts rewarded by a great score were icing on the cake. .


                Unfortunately, Jeff Ashlock and the Board of Directors discovered that the corps funds were insufficient to field a competitive corps.  Attempting to perform that summer could immediately doom the fledging drum corps.


               With a heavy heart, it was determined that it would be better for the corps to go inactive so that the board would have a chance to raise both capital and sponsorships.

                The fund raising was spearheaded by Bill Carter and it was his hard work and dedication to the cause that would allow Lone Star to thrive. Enough capital was raised to allow for a fully-equiped corps.  Things were now in place to compete on the DCI tour.  The staff for 1992 was retained and plans for a new direction were taken

Co-Founder Robert Poulin


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