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Lone Star Drum & Bugle Corps

1993 Members and Staff

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The Mob Song


Drum Major - Janice Green

Drum Major - Peter Ward


Soprano - Isaac Cantu

Soprano - Greg “AGGIE” Hindman

Soprano - Travis Wall

Mellophone - William "BILL" Danch

Mellophone - Shannon Wisely

Baritone - Charlie Wiederhold  (Horn Captain)

Baritone - Reuben Bruning

Contra - Ryon Fuqua

Contra - Blake McGinty

Contra - Ryan Patterson

Contra - Juan Ramirez

Contra - Brent Sykora


Snare - Tahle Kirk (Drum Capt)

Snare - Pete Lawton

Snare - Clint "OPIE" Ross

Snare - Stuart Spoon

Multi-Tenor - Lee Davenport

Multi-Tenor - Joey Kochan

Bass Drum - Hunter Barrow

Bass Drum - Keith Coleman

Bass Drum - Jeremy "WALLY" Hensley

Bass Drum - Zac "DONK" Wall

Bass Drum - Chris "BEAVE" Young 

Pit - Misty Boen

Pit - Alex Hernandez

Pit - Eric McNeil

Pit - Kelly Test


"The Three Ladies"

Color Guard - Amy Rose Haft (Captain)

Color Guard - Monica Chavez

Color Guard - Melissa Boatright (Glover)


Executive Director - Jeff Ashlock

Corps Director - Robert Poulin

Assistant Corps Director - John Carollo

Tour Director - Jeff Ashlock

Program Coordinator - John Carollo

Brass Caption Head & Arranger - Archie Endley

Brass Tech - Chris "OPUS" Chenault

Brass Tech - Chris Neal

Brass Tech - Brent Unger

Brass Tech - Mike Childs

Percussion Caption Head - Denny Jones

Percussion Arrangers - Denny Jones & John “COACH” Rindom

Percussion Consultant - Michael C. Allen

Battery Tech - Robert Lazenbery

Battery Tech - Robert Poulin

Pit Tech -  Joey Holton

Pit Tech - John “COACH” Rindom

Visual Caption Head & Designer - Robert Poulin

Visual Tech - Chris “OPUS” Chenault

Visual Tech - Amanda Poulin

Visual Tech - Phil Burns

Visual Tech - Brent Unger

Visual Tech - Mike Childs

Color Guard Caption Head - John Carollo

Guard Tech - Amanda Poulin


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